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How much does Physical Therapy cost?

If you wish to avoid going through insurance or do not have insurance, we offer a self-pay program to cover Physical Therapy Treatments (you will still need a referral).

  • Call us at 817.466.7276 for more details about self-pay programs.

Does my insurance cover treatment?

Arlington Physical Therapy takes nearly all types of insurances in the DFW area

Check out our insurance page under Patient Info!

If you have more questions about how much your insurance covers, talk to our Patient Representative, Neih, at 817.466.7276!

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases, our patients discharge after completing 12 sessions


Steps to a faster recovery:

√ Make sure you are completing your stretches and exercises at home

√ Consistently modify activities that could flare up symptoms

√ Attend all PT sessions – see it through to the end, don’t give up even though you are starting to feel better!