APT Diagnostics

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The Texas Board of Physical Therapy is very specific that EMG/NCS and MSK Ultrasound is within the scope of practice of the Physical Therapy profession. The procedure is an advanced skill and only within the scope of practice for those physical therapists who have had specialized, post-professional preparation and training. Two of our therapist, Dr. Guillermo and Dr. Shepler here at Arlington Physical Therapy are a part of the select group of physical therapists in the country in Residency in Clinical Electrophysiology and in Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound trained by a group of Doctors that founded the company Hands On Diagnostics.

Why APT Diagnostics:


Guaranteed results and report within 4 days, expedites your plan of care as their Dr. This allows the patient to asses their pain with a plan of care right away.


Physical Therapist’s on site, patient does not have to go through a third party to get tested and then to therapy. This keeps treatment consistent with results; treatment can be given by on-site therapist who administers the tests and addresses the condition.


Your patients will be surrounded by therapists who are experts in Musculoskeletal disorders who can perform immediate manual therapy to specific and accurate pain area due to the knowledge of the tests.


We offer natural supplemental modalities that bring sustainable healing to patients before undergoing surgery or masking pain with medication. We offer treatments like Dry-Needling and Deep tissue Laser Therapy that both instantly ignite blood flow to expedite healing process.

Our Trained Therapists:


Dr. Guillermo Morales


Dr. Guillermo is registered in Electromyogram/ Nerve Conduction Studies and Musculoskeletal Sonography. He is Hands On Diagnostic trained and certified; HODS was founded by a group of Doctors in 1992. He has spent countless hours in training to administer testing under these highly skilled professionals.

For additional information or to discover how APT Diagnostics can work directly with you to get to the root of your patients’ issues more quickly, thereby improving patient satisfaction, please request more info below.