Functional Capacity Evaluation


A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a set of tests created for individuals with work-related injuries. The test is made specifically for individuals who are receiving benefits from Workers Compensation.

If you are unsure if this evaluation is right for you, but are wanting to get back to work, call your doctor today and request Arlington Physical Therapy as the place you would like to complete your Evaluation. We are the ONLY physical therapy clinic in Arlington providing this service!


An FCE is executed for the purpose of the Physical Therapist to make their recommendations on the physical status of the individual. Their recommendations will include one of the following for the individual; be able to return to work, continue Physical Therapy, consider Surgery, or be treated as a Maximum Medical Improvement individual. These options will allow the individual to make an informed decision to help prevent reinjuring themself.


The individual will complete a set of 7 tests between a 2 to 4 hour period under the supervision of a Physical Therapist. 

The tests focus on determining the measurements during these particular movements: 

  • Lifting power
  • Push and pull power
  • How long one can stand or walk
  • Flexibility and reaching
  • Grasping and holding capabilities
  • Bending capabilities
  • Balance capabilities

If you are scheduled for an FCE, make sure you wear comfortable clothes (i.e. athletic wear) and bring a bottle of water as the tests do cause fatigue.