Telehealth Visits

How it works:

Telehealth is a regular one-on-one assessment with your physical therapist. With e-visits you will be face-to-face with your PT using a platform called They will guide you through proper exercises or stretches to help you while you are out of town or while social distancing and self-quarantining.


Medicare patients:

  1. As a Medicare patient, your insurance will cover your telehealth visit.

  2. Medicare will pay for one visit every 7 days. You may choose to receive more visits within the week but you will need to pay the cash price of $25 per 15 minutes.

Commercial Insurances & Self-Pay Patients:

  1. Telehealth visits will cost $25 for every 15 minutes.

  2. Telehealth visits do not have a limit to the number of visits you can do in a week.