success story: Shirley

“Since coming here I have been in the best shape since 1995. My doctors just put me on pain pills and some physical therapy but not like this. Arlington Physical Therapy really cares about their patient’s well being and spirit. They talk about God and His Goodness and that helps. I had been so depressed the past three years from pain and medication. They (APT) speak hope and are caring and you can see the joy in their eyes as they speak. I thank God for sending me to them and for them being in my life. They are the true doctors. They have stopped more pain than any doctor or meds and I have had many in my life.”

success story: Mitzi

“In March, I fell while participating in a folk dance. Having gone to Arlington Physical Therapy when my hip was replaced, I asked my doctor for a referral for more therapy for this fall. I knew I should have continued my core exercises but I thought I was alright so I slacked off. I was weak, that’s why I fell. Ana Maria corrected my alignment and got me gradually back on a good strengthening exercise routine. Every time I tried to do too much, (like carrying heavy things out of the garage) Ana Maria would treat my injuries with ice, heat and electrodes. She has added more advanced exercises that are fun and interesting.”

success story: Jennifer

“After two back/neck surgeries, Arlington Physical Therapy group nursed my back to health! I will continue an aftercare program with them. The Christian environment made me feel comfortable with all the therapists here! Guillermo and Ana Maria run a good and efficient program. They are tremendous and skilled in the hands on therapy. Thank you and Bless You!”

success story: Megan

“I came in with a dislocated knee and atrophied leg muscles with the possibility of surgery looming in my future. I was able to work with Steve and Guillermo for 6 weeks and emerged fully healed. Appreciate their hard work and dedication to helping improve people’s quality of life. Many thanks.”

success story: Samona

“Before I came to Arlington Physical Therapy, I had been in severe pain for over a week. I had such bad pain in my lower back it took my breath away, I had gone to a local ER and had a CT scan and x-rays only to be told it must be muscular because they couldn’t find a cause for my increasing pain. Then I went to a new PCP who did more x-rays, started me on Tylenol #4 BID and ibuprofen 800 mg TID as well as took me out of work for several days. He thankfully also gave me orders for PT at Arlington Physical Therapy. After my first session, I learned it was my pelvis that was out of alignment and with the first session’s treatment, I began feeling relief of the pain. Now at the end of my treatment, I am pain free without any medications. Thank you so much!”

success story: Emily

“Arlington Physical Therapy gave me very practical exercises to help improve my plantar fasciitis. In addition to treating the plantar fasciitis, they routinely checked my posture and alignment to ensure my body was functioning at its best. They utilized manual therapy techniques to aid in reduction of inflammation and soreness.

My favorite part though – the staff! Encouraging and godly people focused on your health, from the inside out.”

success story: Belinda

“I came to Arlington Physical Therapy with lower back pain and hip pain so sharp that I could no longer sleep on my side.

With Steve’s help and advice, I modified activity until the bursitis in my hip went away. I learned exercises to strengthen my core and found pain relief through therapeutic massage. My pain level diminished and I now know some effective tools to decrease and manage my arthritis and back pain.

I’m so grateful to all of the wonderful professionals at Arlington Physical Therapy for the excellent care they provide.
I’m now able to resume my yoga and water fitness classes and the gardening I love.”

success story: Clare


“I came to APT after an acute onset of pain in my back and leg, diagnosed with scoliosis, narrowed disc spaces and arthritis. I began to have an improvement of my symptoms after only a few sessions and everything improved dramatically after that. I “graduated” and was discharged in less time than was anticipated. I now have absolutely no pain and I have great instructions for continued home therapy to keep me pain free and to improve my muscle strength even more.

The staff at APT is the best – very professional, understanding, positive, supportive, patient and beyond friendly. I cannot be more pleased with the care that I received!”

“This is my third visit here (for three different issues) and I cannot imagine going anywhere else for PT. I came this time for weakness in my hands and pain in my left wrist and hand. I can now open most jars (meaning less visits to my neighbors to have them open jars for me!). Being at Arlington Physical Therapy, I am surrounded by professionalism, optimism, and friendliness. Cannot beat that!”

success story: Debbie

“This was my second go-round at APT. Two years previous, I was here when I had both knees replaced. All expectations of recovery were met. I returned for therapy after a knee replacement revision. Again, my knee is back to where it should be. I particularly like being able to use any of the therapists. All are very qualified and sometimes one therapist will suggest a different exercise that helps. I have always been very pleased with Arlington Physical Therapy.”

success story: Barbara

“This was my third trip to Arlington P.T. I love the staff and look forward to coming to every visit and getting stronger. I came in today with full range of motion and improved strength.”

success story: Dawn

“Oh my, what can I say? This was my first experience with physical therapy and I’m so glad I found Arlington Physical Therapy! It has been an outstanding experience. Everyone was professional and kind while explaining the exercises and why they were needed. My shoulder has exceeded all my expectations thanks to Ana Maria, Guillermo, and their wonderful staff. Thank you, thank you!!

success story: Chelsea

“I’m a 24-year-old veteran that had to have lumbar fusion surgery due to my service overseas. From day one, the staff at Arlington Physical Therapy were extremely helpful and kind. For being so young and having to have this kind of surgery, a lot of people gave me a hard time or thought I wasn’t being truthful. There was never any judgement from the staff in this aspect at all, they only cared about getting me where I wanted to get too. I went from not even being able to shower by myself when I started my sessions to showering and functioning on my own in just four/five weeks. I could not be happier!”

success story: Kathryn

“I am very thankful that I chose to ask my doctor for extra therapy after my knee replacement surgery. He wrote me a prescription for four extra weeks of care. I chose Arlington Physical Therapy because it was recommended by a friend who liked the extra care and positive feedback of the staff. I liked the different therapists I was given. It was good to learn different techniques for healing and exercising from each one. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.”

success story: Doreen

“When I first came to Arlington Physical Therapy, I was in a lot of pain in my lower back and left leg. Kim and the rest of the therapists worked very hard to teach me the stretches, exercises, etc. to eliminate my pain Everyone is always cheerful, friendly, and knowledgeable! Today, I am pain-free and very confident that I’ll be able to manage my pain should it ever come back! God Bless you all and many, Thanks.”

success story: Jerry

“In the last 10 years, I have had two spinal cord tumors removed from my back. The damage done by the tumors and the doctors removing them was very extensive and because the spinal cord does not heal itself, all the pain associated with it never got better. It was so bad, the surgeon and my pain doctor both told me not to do any rehab or exercise and told me not to even lift more than five pounds. For five years, I did very little and he pumped literally 36,000 pills in me in five years. My muscle tone atrophied and I went to a different pain doctor who immediately sent me here. Now, my life has gone from darkness and despair, to light, happiness, and hope. I will continue all my stretches and exercises probably for the rest of my life. This place and the staff have given me hope again and I truly wish I would have been sent here years ago. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

success story: Bill

“Great people who were really concerned about improving my health. I will continue what I have learned and exercise for life. I feel 100% better! Thanks for your dedication and concern for each patient!”

success story with Wellness Program: Sue

“My name is Sue, and I have been a patient at Arlington Physical Therapy during the past year. I have had two bouts of low back pain related to lumbar stenosis. About 7 months ago, I was hospitalized with an electrolyte imbalance, as several related events converged and left me so weak that it took a while to regain my strength and endurance.

What I have discovered is that mechanical problems of the musculo-skeletal systems respond best to physical therapy treatment and exercise. As I have increased my muscle tone, the spinal and pelvic imbalance have improved. I am able to control pain with stretches, exercise, and occasional tune-ups with Anna Maria. So much better than taking pain medication!

Whereas, I was so weak in the fall that my family had to cook Thanksgiving dinner for me. Today, I am back to playing golf with my family and friends. I even won a golf tournament last week with the help of my golf partner!

I am currently in the Wellness Program at Arlington Physical Therapy. It is an exercise program that allows me to maintain my health, strength, and control my pain with exercises and under supervision of the physical therapists. Every other month, I use the Self-Pay Program to have a one-on-one session with Ana Maria. She uses manual therapy techniques to maintain my alignment and activate any weak muscles I have.”

success story: Elizabeth

“My time in physical therapy has improved my pain by 100 percent and I feel great. I have learned so much in how to do my therapy and enjoy the time it takes to do the therapy. The staff is like family and are so helpful. I would highly recommend Arlington Physical Therapy to anyone.”

success story: Sandy

“The physical therapists here at Arlington Physical Therapy were always interested in me and my progress, but more importantly my whole life and current circumstances with family. The physical therapy helped my strengthening and lessened the pain. Everyone encouraged the lifelong use of the exercises to stay healthy and active. The Christian atmosphere was an added blessing! Thank you!”

success story: Patti

“I came to this practice with daily lower back pain for a year and left with pain-free, aligned hips, much improved balance going up and down stairs, and much improved posture. Wonderful therapists and so much thanks to Kim for the miraculous changes in my body!”

success story: David

“The care I have received has been great- both physical and mental and spiritual. Great staff and individuals who have made the physical rehabilitation much less stressful and actually enjoyable. I would highly recommend for any physical therapy that might be needed.”

success story: Frances

“After falling and hurting my back in March, I was in a lot of pain. I had surgery the 1st of April after a few weeks of lots of bed rest but feeling no better. I had kyphoplasty surgery. Then it was recommended that I have physical therapy. I started the therapy in June. I have completed 16 sessions and I feel much better! I am so glad I agreed to therapy. Lots of work at Arlington Physical Therapy and at home but well worth it! The friendliness and professionalism gave me encouragement and a lift. I am an 81 year-old with a very good outcome!”

success story: Tommie

“I began therapy at Arlington Physical Therapy after 2 back surgeries. I was still having some pain and was very weak in my leg and back muscles. Each week of therapy, walking with Kim and the other therapists, I gradually gained more and more strength and my pain diminished. I am now pain-free and feel so much better. All the people at APT were great to work with and helped me immensely. I have worked with other therapists, but this place is far and above the best! The employees are so kind and considerate and only have your well being and improvement as their goal.”