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Dr. Guillermo, PT, DPT, MTC, is registered in Musculoskeletal Sonography. He is Hands On Diagnostics (HODS) trained and certified; Our therapist has spent countless hours training and being mentored by highly skilled professionals to administer MSK Ultrasound Imaging. Dr, Guillermo Morales believes in training with the best doctors to learn advanced technology that allows for accurate and safe imaging testing. The best testing allows for the best outcomes.

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What is MSK Ultrasound Imaging?

An MSK Ultrasound test allows the Physical Therapist to see inside the patient’s body to look at the muscles, and joints of major pain areas. The Therapist can examine the structures of the body at rest and in motion offering a number of important advantages compared to an X-ray, CT, and MRI. The MSK Ultrasound simply uses sonic waves so there is no exposure to radiation. The MSK Ultrasound is safe, non-invasive, and reliable. This advanced technology is unmatched and will truly allow the most accurate results for major pain areas. An MSK Ultrasound could save you hundreds of dollars and TIME by replacing an MRI.

Treatment Benefits:

MSK Ultrasound Imaging will help your therapist see inside the area of your pain to get accurate results in MINUTES and deliver the most effective and efficient Physical Therapy treatments. This diagnostic technology gives us the power to instantly determine the underlying cause of your pain to produce long-lasting healing through manual therapy.

Insurance that covers MSKU:


Self-pay Prices:

Patients who do not have Medicare or would not like to go through insurance can immediately schedule their MSK Ultrasound at the following rates:

$150 (one body part)

$250 (bilateral)

Benefits of MSK Ultrasound VS. MRI:

  • Static & dynamic imaging
  • Test can be administered to those with pacemakers
  • Non-invasive (no injections or needles)
  • Immediate results and interpretation from certified therapist
  • Uses sound waves (no radiation)
  • Fast and clear imaging
  • Significantly lower in cost

Visual Demonstration:

WATCH this video to learn more!! Dr. Guillermo explains the purpose of the MSK Ultrasound test to better assess your source of pain to get you on the road to recovery in the most effective and efficient manner.


Becoming a diagnostic center and incorporating these tests into our plan of care emphasizes our intention to provide the highest quality of care. This test provides our therapists and doctors in the community with the tools and information needed so YOU can get the most accurate and successful treatment.

Healing hands guided by technology.

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